About Us

Who We Are

Hi, we're Rachel and Kate and we're the founders of In·Blume Salon and Atelier and we want to share our story with you.

Some may call our meeting of one another kismet. Sharing a love for travel, we met during layovers in Xiamen, China and continued to form a friendship after spending the day exploring the city. Fast forward a few years, we found that we hold similar ideals and decided that it was our shared path to create a space that embodies those values, ideals, and the feeling of love. A space where your hair appointment transforms from a chore to a moment of self care and relaxation. Kate and Rachel's mission is to provide an inclusive space where you can feel at ease, as well as to share awesome products created by local merchants who are doing their part to be ethical and sustainable. They are so excited to welcome you into the feel good sanctuary that is In·Blume.