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We encourage all new clients booking colour services to first book a consultation before the day of your service, we are excited to see you in our little North Van shop!

*Exciting Update* We are SO excited to welcome Charlotte into our salon family.  Charlotte is Danish and has only been in Canada for a couple of months.  She has over 10 years of experience with incredible education and work experience from Denmark, England, Norway and Greenland.  She specializes in curls (yay!) and lived in blondes.   Click below to book with Charlotte. 


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Tipping Policy for Rachel: 

As much as I appreciate your tips please note that as the owner of the salon, they are not expected at the end of your service. I have made sure to set the service prices appropriately so that I can remove this unnecessary surcharge. If you would still like to tip, you certainly can and know that there is no percentage expectation. My goal  is to create a transparent and relaxed environment and I hope that by removing the tipping obligation, we take away one little stress from your hair appointment!


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Find Caitlin on Instagram: @Caitlingracehair